Imagine supporting and creating the first and last app the world’s top creative talent uses every day. 


At PIX, you might be…


…transforming enormous digital negatives into tablet friendly cuts and images for mobile and middle-of-nowhere collaboration.  

…helping bring talent and resources together on a global scale with real-time synchronized collaboration.

…turning torrents of emails, notes, and notifications into a streaming real-time activity feed for simplified work, progress and status tracking.  

…advising an Art Director on organizing digital concept and design reviews for the next tent pole film

…creating the ability to sort and search vast volumes and variety of content at thought-speed with intelligent attribute and meta-data tagging.

…advising a Post Production Supervisor on distributing cut review, approval, and turnover between New Zealand and LA

…inventing tools for crunching and heat-mapping production data for instant-insight and intelligent budget, scheduling, and efficiency tracking and predictions. 

…designing search and sorting tools to penetrate mountains of media and production files through intelligent tagging and meta-data mining.

…integrating a true-life 3-D audio environment for making critical mix decisions in a production office, on an airplane, or at home that’ll translate across environments. 

…creating native web, desktop, and mobile applications used by the some of the most visually and creatively astute directors, editors, talent and studio suits on the planet.

…creating server components and APIs for a next generation media processing workflow

…creating Chef infrastructure automation across physical data centers and cloud service regions

…creating next generation analytics and monitoring for our global content distribution network.

…introducing a personal favorite at our next next Whisky Club event

…and more!

So if you think you can help us continue to provide concierge-level service and cutting-edge innovation to the most influential and talented people in media and entertainment or innovate the way they bring their world-class creativity to the world, we’d love to hear from you.