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What We Do


What We Do

We help. We create. We innovate.

We help create entertainment and media by bringing creativity, collaborators and assets together.  For over ten years, we’ve been creating and innovating ways to give the top creative talent, studios, mini-majors, networks, indie productions, and online content providers the time and resources they need to create.  Better.  Faster.  More reliably.  

Our industry leading platform is an open sandbox and secure home base, viewer, community workspace, media mine, think tank and muse - a place on the digital frontier where creative and strategic content and communication are safe and tidy and easily found, shared and worked on alone or together.


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Creative Freedom

Creative Freedom



Everything You Want. Some Things You Never Imagined.

Create at thought-speed with intuitive and intelligent ways to organize, search and sort content. Minimize interruptions with custom activity and communication feeds.  And collaborate seamlessly with others with synchronized live review.



Find Your Muse, Uninterrupted

Finding the right inspiration is an exploration – both organized and spontaneous.

Our in-depth project set-up and consultation ensures your content is intuitively organized and easy to find. As you create and review the work of others, you can make playlists and presentations to inspire others and mark favorites to create quick shortcuts to items you use often or that need your attention. 

Freely explore clips, images, PDF’s, VFX, sound files, meta-data (and more) with intelligent tagging and attributes for deep-dive searching and sorting.

And when you do find that muse, minimize interruptions with custom updates that notify you of new material, notes, and approvals on your terms – hourly, daily, weekly…or never.


Create With Others

Creating with others can be challenging enough, without geographic or technical barriers. Part home base, community workspace, and think tank, we bridge digital and earthly space to bring you and your collaborators together. 

Work with local and far-flung collaborators as if you were sitting in the same room with our live, synchronized global review. Share ideas with unmistakable clarity with real-time frame and page specific markup, drawing, and comments, in-and-out markers and sub-clipping,  and one-touch approvals and declines.

Review and distribute page and frame specific notes, screenplays, budgets, location photos, sound, concept art, sides, casting auditions, call sheets, VFX, dailies, cuts, trailers, posters,  and more. 

And with no file size or storage limits - we're as unlimited as your collective creativity - able to move, store, and archive as massive and as many files as you create. And fast, with drag and drop uploads and downloads and our custom cache servers.


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Safe & Sound

Safe & Sound



  Your Assets Aren't Going Anywhere. Neither Are We.

Our patented security and concierge-level consultation are the most trusted in the industry – the gold standard for making sure high-value digital assets stay locked tight, while being open and adaptable enough to give the most exacting creativity all the space it needs to grow.




Think of all the people who dedicate their time, passion, money and futures to creating digital content.  We do.  Everyday.  That's why we offer the most trusted and comprehensive digital and procedural security there is.  A state-of-the-art fortress built on our patented DRM, dynamic and forensic watermarking, rigorous protocols, live activity monitoring and logs, the highest level of redundant end-to-end encryption, and our private, ultra-secure data center and global delivery network.

But don't just take our word for it - we don't. Regularly audited by the major studios, independent security firms, the Motion Picture Association of America, and endure regular internal scrutiny, including site visits, external penetration scans, code reviews, and a wide range of physical and ethical hack tests.


Rock-Solid Service

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With 7 day-a-week support, we're always here to help make sure every door is bolted tight against intrusion, yet wide-open to welcome creators and collaborators.

Backed by our in-depth industry experience and knowledge, we offer sophisticated consultation and customization, hands-on project and hardware set-up, and regular behind-the-scenes monitoring and optimizing - all geared towards finding the right balance between air-tight security and open workflow.

And if you have any questions, need troubleshooting or further consultation – quick, clear and thoughtful answers and solutions are always just a click, call or personal visit away.

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Always Time To Create

Always Time To Create

Anyway. Anywhere. Any Time.

PIX System is an on-demand, online collaboration, and project management system for the motion picture, television, music, and electronic gaming industry. PIX Project provides 24/7 global access at the office, on-set, at home, in a hotel, boat, plane, or remote location with our intuitive and powerful collection of web, desktop, iOS, screening room, and set-top apps, custom commercial hardware, and rock-solid global delivery network.


Desktop & Web

PIX for Mac and Windows - Get more out of your creativity, time, and budget in a single, simple download with full and secure access to every bit and byte of your project's content and our intuitive and powerful suite of customizable tools and options.

PIX for Web - If you can't get to your usual device - you can still get creative on any connected device with our ultra-secure collection of online tools and options.



Let your creativity know no bounds with our sleek, yet potent iOS apps - for on-the-go review, search, sharing, notes, and more, or on-location/on-set access to dailies, reference material or meta-data. 

 PIX for iOS

Screening Room & Set-Top

PIX Screening - Immerse yourself in the details and audience experience of your work by reviewing any media, dailies, cuts, or full screeners on the big screen with the clarity of 1080p with our professional-grade screening room app and hardware.

PIX HD - Bring the immersive screening room experience to any home, office or on-location TV, digital monitor, or screening room projector with a simple remote control and custom set-top box that’s as easy to setup and use as an Apple TV.


Hardware and Global Delivery

Our professional and enterprise cache servers and regional and local mirrors have been deployed world-wide - storing and relaying data to create our unshakeable and impenetrable private global delivery network.