Behind all great people...are a bunch of other great people with footprints on their shoulders.


In 2001, while working in the sound department at legendary Skywalker Sound, the sound crew found themselves caught in a digital Bermuda Triangle, of sorts. With a director, sound designer and composer spread out across the country, precious time was lost trying to access content and collaborate long distance. 

A self-taught programmer, our company's founder worked nights to create a prototype used on Panic Room to manage the digital clutter, share content, and foster collaboration in the name of creativity. And PIX System was born. 

Over a decade later, we are now an enterprise level provider with the mindset and agility of a start up. We are employee-owned with strong leadership - experienced in tech and entertainment (as in knowledgeable), proudly self-financed (as in profitable), private (as in we control our own destiny), and with a clear vision and path for the future (as in always on the move).

Our client-facing Account Management team is made up of experienced industry professional - carefully chosen for their first-rate knowledge and insight, clear and thoughtful communication, integrity and passion for helping others create.

Our Engineering and Design team is powered by the creativity and ingenuity of patent holders, dreamers, renegades and geniuses who cut their teeth at some of the world’s most influential media and technology companies known to man – and are now passionately unleashing that brain power to help us tackle some of the most exciting technical challenges around.     

And at the end of the day, we are just people - musicians, artists, dancers, writers, rock climbers, runners, gamers, film geeks, tech fanatics, beer lovers, couch potatoes, and even curlers (yep, as in sliding rocks across ice) – who love being meaningful creative collaborators to the most creative industry in the world.