Jr. Operations Engineer

San Francisco • Financial District



What Will You Do?

The Engineering Operations team is responsible for the health and reliability of our engineering infrastructure (100% in Cloud Computing platforms), including our Continuous Delivery pipeline, Microservices cluster, and Docker fleet. Members of this team work to ensure our service is secure, scalable, and provides rock-solid reliability, while still working to keep our feature teams delivering quickly and efficiently.

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  • participate in managing development and production infrastructure environments
  • help be a driving force for improvements
  • participate in on-call rotation
  • build new tools and services to help improve the developer experience
  • develop and document new processes, and make it a priority to assist in knowledge sharing with the team and the company
  • grow and extend our monitoring and alerting systems
  • design and implement the intelligent evolution of our cloud architecture, including capacity planning, increased availability, resiliency, monitoring and alerts, security, and deployment strategy
  • configure and manage deployments to our Amazon Web Services infrastructure


Must have direct experience with the following:

  • managing Production Linux or Unix systems on one or more cloud computing platforms (such as Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform
  • using configuration management software (such as Chef, Puppet, or Ansible) to deliver software or files to multiple systems or classes of systems
  • using Version Control Software (such as Git, Mercurial, or Subversion) to work on a multi-contributor code project
  • troubleshooting hardware or virtualized infrastructure issues as they occur, and responding in a calm, rational manner
  • contributing to, and authoring, documentation based on what you have experienced and learned
  • must be able to work from our headquarters in San Francisco, CA

Additional preferred experience:

  • working with large datasets and storage needs, in the range of Petabytes or larger
  • automating the more tedious parts of your current role, or ability to explain how you would do so
  • confidently working with, reading, and contributing to multiple interpreted and compiled programming languages
  • using container technology (such as Docker) to run multiple services independently on the same hardware
  • integrating into multiple engineering teams, and integrating into different workflows and toolsets easily


  • competitive salary and bonus program
  • exceptional vacation and holiday plan
  • competitive medical benefits
  • employee equity and 401(k) plans
  • wellness program, including in-office yoga and massages
  • downtown SF - close to BART, Muni, Caltrain
  • commuter Benefit Plan
  • active Fun Team with full calendar of social events
  • commitment to professional development
  • and more...

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